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I am a research physiologist presently working in the fields of blood substitutes, hemorrhagic trauma, oxygen transport and fun stuff like that. Got a background in biophysics and obstetrics. I enjoy writing fiction at the hobbyist level in the genres of military action and fantasy. I like sci-fi too, but im usually trying to escape the day job. I've published one novel as part of a series showcasing a group of marines lighting up a fantasy world. Number two is written and in editing. Before you get excited, i'll refer you back to the "hobbyist" level of amateur writing. Barely literate.
    Rated: 13+ · Sci-fi · #2189856
    A prisoner comes out of stasis expecting to see his family. He's a few years too late ...
    Rated: 13+ · Holiday · #1603399
    A man decides to spend his holiday a little differently this year...
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