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I have been writing in a journal since I was nine years old. My writing varies between Dear Diary style which I cannot stand to streams of consciousness. The Dear Diary style has a tendency to show up when I am blocked which I have been dealing with a lot of for the last eight years. The streams of consciousness I feel are some of my best work and it's almost as though I have formulated my own language in order to alleviate some of the fear of putting myself on paper. I have taken one college Poetry course and one Short Stories course. I love creating with words. Thank you for having me here. The image is from wallup.net
    Rated: E · Experience · #2196592
    this piece touches on a few different topics...it is something of a rant
    Rated: E · Experience · #2196401
    moonstone gardening...
    Rated: E · Dark · #2195152
    something a little different
    Rated: E · Experience · #2170510
    This one is kind of random actually.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2170228
    This poem involves connecting with the former self.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2170133
    Please be gentle with this. I thought I would share one of my streams of consciousness.
    Rated: E · Emotional · #2170131
    This poem involves anxiety.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2170058
    This poem addresses losing a sense of self and what that entails due to mental illness.
    Rated: E · Experience · #2170057
    This poem is related to always being on some kind of time crunch.
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2170055
    This poem involves the pain of unrequited love and delusion.
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