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My name is Victoria and I am an aspiring writer/editor. I graduated with my MA in English in 2011 from Bowling Green State University and I received my BA in English in 2008 from Cameron University. I am a voracious reader, preferring young adult but I will read almost anything. I love pop culture, fairy tales, and urban legends, and I enjoy finding connections, however obvious or obscure, in literature, games, and film.
    Rated: E · Drama · #2079147
    Flash fiction from CreativeWritingPrompts.com; prompt #137
    Rated: 13+ · Dark · #1940392
    Unfinished story. Still researching specifics. Couple takes in foster son.
    Rated: E · Folklore · #1939894
    A study of the evolution of Cinderella in film
    Rated: E · Research · #1939893
    Social Networking in the Middle Ages
    Rated: 18+ · Psychology · #1939892
    The history behind my original poem, Oral Bliss
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