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Since November 27, 2015
315 Community Recognitions
   My Latest:   "The Letter"By Example"Dear Adrie-Me
Words travel quickly, far too fast to catch; once you've regretted their departure, or been caught in their brilliant flash.                              
I love comments & edits! I answer most questions, but due to some 'issues' my Reviewing is VERY LIMITED!
I'm often limping around a hospital, or at the vet with one of my *Cat2*
*Peace2* Out, Peeps! *Cross2*Whata Adrie
Have fun while learning about WdC! How-To Help. Ask a Question.
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My Biography. Through the rain, emerges the sun. I think.
Rated: 18+
~8,023 Words
Biographical, Medical, Inspirational
Type: Non-fiction
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100% OPEN! Send Your Writing.com Friends and Peeps a C-Note (it's like an ecard here)!
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