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I just want to share something that I have cound helpful when reviewing. Don't just let the news letters go unread. They have some wonderful reads in them. When seeing the items there, review them. Tell the author that you found their material there. It is a nice surprise for them to be informed. "Blogging Circle of Friends Prompt Forum [E]
These are storyies that I have written.
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    Different Essays drafts and finals
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    I have entered a few. Love them
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    October challenges for November
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    Children has been a big part of my life
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    things that I had in my trash can..
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    book in progress each folder will be a different emotion
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    I got noticed... thank you
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    my family and pets
    Rated: E · Death · #1371572
    These are storyies that I have written.
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    Wanted to write letters for those I love.
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    Of how prayers maybe answered, but at what prise to others.
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