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ID #111085
The Blades of the Rose Bundle: Warrior, Scoundrel, Rebel, Stranger   (Rated: 18+)
Product Type: eBooks
Reviewer: Octobersun
Review Rated: 13+
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Summary of this eBooks...
The Blades of the Roses are a group of people all around the world who are sworn to protect magical sources and, if possible, make sure they stay with the people they belong to. Throughout the four books, you'll travel to London, Mongolia, Greece and the Mediterranean, and the North West Territories of Canada. Each book follows a couple that finds love with one another while living through adventures and fighting for survival. Once the couples form, the reader is treated to graphic descriptions of love making.
This type of eBooks is good for...
I read the four books as diversion while working out on the elliptical machine. It took me several months to read all four books. After I was done with the fourth book, I wondered what was going to get me to keep working out.
I especially liked...
The characters. In each book, Zoe Archer introduces her characters through actions. There is some exposure at times, but most of the characters' habits, skills, quirks come out through the plot.
I didn't like...
When I started reading the third book, I had a hard time getting into it. Once I got past the first two chapters, I liked it a lot.
When I finished reading this eBooks I wanted to...
When I finished the bundle, I thought about starting over with book one. I am certain I will re-read this series again.
This eBooks made me feel...
I recommend this eBooks because...
The books are well written. The narrative is full of action, passion, romance, magic, and killing.
I don't recommend this eBooks because...
I don't recommend this book to people under 18 as this book has graphic descriptions of love making. Also, readers who don't want to read stories in which erotic parts are given equal importance to other plot elements shouldn't read this.
Further Comments...
The Blades of the Rose Bundle is made up out of four books. Each of the books has its own basic plot that can be read detached from the others, but it's more enjoyable to read them in succession as some of the characters show up over several books. The fourth book could be read separately, but I don't recommend to do so without reading at least the third book first.
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/product_reviews.php/pr_id/111085