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Sherlock Holmes   (Rated: 13+)
Product Type: DVD
Reviewer: Octobersun
Review Rated: 13+
List Price: $ 5.97
Amazon's Price: $ 12.99
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Summary of this DVD...
A drunk, smelly, and messy Sherlock Holmes and his trusty friend Dr. Watson have to deal with an undying lord and the creepy and elusive Professor Moriarty.
As Sherlock Holmes is a slob, but brilliant and full of inventions and an astute eye for details. He has to prove that the magic Lord Blackwell (maybe that name is wrong, something with Black in any case) uses is simple chemistry and tricks. The return of an old flame, Dr. Watson's engagement, and corrupt politicians try to make Sherlock Holmes life difficult.
This type of DVD is good for...
It's a great adventure movie with some biting humor, good fight scenes, and a solid plot line.
I especially liked...
The style in which the movie was shot. I also like that the filmmakers took enough creative license to change Sherlock Holmes up from the prim and proper gentleman from the books and infused him with some attitude.
When I finished viewing this DVD I wanted to...
See the second movie.
This DVD made me feel...
The cast of this DVD...
Robert Downey Jr. plays a brilliant Sherlock Holmes. His past as an alcoholic as well as his ability to play a conflicted character works well for his depiction of Sherlock Holmes.
Jude Law, an actor whom I try to avoid, did a good job at playing the uptight Dr. Watson who can also kick ass when needed.
All the other actors worked well to make this movie thoroughly entertaining. All fight scenes are meticulously planned and executed. Very realistic and proof of the actors' skill.
I recommend this DVD because...
It is fun to watch.
Further Comments...
The movie is two and a half hours long! Be sure to have enough snacks and time to make it through.
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