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Threatening Sky is the sequel to Mackerel Sky with 22 fascinating chapters that erupt with a serious and much darker push into the reader’s psyche. In this story, what the main character Owen finally achieved in Mackerel Sky--such as self-confidence, his job, his relationship with Andrew Gordon, and settled home life with his partner and siblings--is at risk because the father whom the Tremayne kids took for dead shows up with a wife and a baby and wants to take away the house which is the home of Owen and his siblings.

Can Andrew’s love and support be enough for Owen to overcome his father’s animosity, homophobia, and enmity toward Owen and Andrew? One thing is for sure; the sudden appearance and negativity of the father Tremayne lurk larger than the storms Owen faced in Mackerel Sky. Then, the same as in the first book, the story is told by the main characters taking turns telling the events from their first-person singular points of view.

The opening and the first sentence of chapter one is an attention-getter exactly as the teachers in writing courses advise writers to do. “Dad ruined the quiet April afternoon by not being dead.” This is Owen talking. With all the reading I do, I can hardly think of another opening sentence as striking as this one. Second to this sentence's startling effect, comes the opening scene in all its awkwardness, with Megan, Jamie, and Owen, trying to take in the news and not knowing what to do with it. Now, all bets of bliss are off, and Mr. Tremayne will threaten every relationship in this family, like the relationships of five kids and Andrew Gordon who the kids had warmed up to and who had been there for looking after their welfare.

Exquisite writing skills and character development seem to be the forte of Castleton in both books, making each character as authentic as a multi-dimensional person. Even the angelic Edward Gordon and the depraved father Mr. Tremayne feel as real as life, despite the one-sidedness of their characterization.

The story construction is also masterly adding several twists and turns to the lives of all characters. Through it all, several questions surface, such as: Will the strong bond between Owen and Edward Gordon ease or become stronger? Should the happily-ever-after happen again, and will the hurt and shock of Owen’s siblings ease off toward a happier ending, after their hard-found security is being threatened? All the answers are there in the book for the readers to find out while they form a stronger and more understanding relationship with the Tremayne kids.

I think one can read this book as free-standing because the author gives enough information to understand the events and their backgrounds; however, I strongly advise to read the Mackerel Sky first to appreciate this book even better.

I especially liked...
how the author showed the indecisiveness and the shock of the Tremayne children who didn't know what to do with a father who they wanted to love but one who was filled with animosity and self-interest.
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is S. Jade Castleton from New Zealand, and to us here in WdC, she is *Heart* Osirantinous .
I recommend this Digital Ebook Purchas because...
of its plot structure and the stupendous storytelling.
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