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Summary of this Digital Ebook Purchas...
Christened the "Duchess of Dalliance," by Prinny, himself, Juliette is known as a courtesan who entertains the ton - and the gossip is that she's the mistress to the Duke of Pelham. Pelham however is oblivious. He's a man who is always on time and is staunchly set in his ways.

Pelham, aka "Will" and Juliette are thrown into each other's way when bad guy, "Lucifer" tries to kill Juliette, believing she has his diamonds. Pelham agrees to keep Juliette safe as it's the right to do and the two take off for York. Along the way both slowly open each to other. As the duke begins to fall in love, will the legitimate threat of danger or those pesky conventional norms of the ton keep him from publicly admitting his love for Juliette?
This type of Digital Ebook Purchas is good for...
A great escape. Maybe reading next to the pool and a lazy summer day or next to the fireplace on a cool fall night.
I especially liked...
Juliette. She might have been a heroine of the Regency period, but she had a lot of spunk and courage. The author did a great job placing modern day values on Juliette's character and still conforming to the norms of the Regency period.
I didn't like...
How the conventions of the Regency period - ie a Duke would never marry a courtesan threatened to keep them apart.
When I finished n/a this Digital Ebook Purchas I wanted to...
read the sequel!
This Digital Ebook Purchas made me feel...
Very positive.
The n/a of this Digital Ebook Purchas...
is Shana Galen. She usually writes historical/period romances and she's one of my favorite romance writers.
I recommend this Digital Ebook Purchas because...
It's got a great story, wonderful, engaging characters, and a romance that will melt your heart.
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