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Illusion of Death (A Belinda Lawrence Mystery)   (Rated: 18+)
Product Type: eBooks
Reviewer: VictoriaMcCullough
Review Rated: 18+
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Summary of this eBooks...
Set in Australia where Brian Kavanagh makes his home this novel, "Illusion Of Death" is a mystery romp that tells about how to watch and listen to character studies who are not only a bit innocently delightful but thoroughly professional in mannerisms and place and time. Just who is Max's "culprit"? We shall find out in time, you tell yourself. From Hazel to Belinda, a star in a star-studded cast, all of these names are those which have you sitting on a park bench feeding the pidgeons and innocently wanting to know who-did-it.
This type of eBooks is good for...
Lots of reasons make this book a good mystery. I felt a subconscious medium hovering over me as I digested the plot.
I especially liked...
The trend of Kavanagh's books.
I didn't like...
It is was all ready, set, go for me!
When I finished reading this eBooks I wanted to...
Keep it in my colllection as a masterpiece!
This eBooks made me feel...
intriguing genuine snooping which gave me hope for my own self-publishing.
The author of this eBooks...
Brian Kavanagh, a native Australian, knows mysteries. It shows with a real page-turning style.
I recommend this eBooks because...
Excellent length for me at 127, digital. I didn't run to the dictionary and this made me enjoy it even more.
I don't recommend this eBooks because...
I would highly recommend this item at amazon!
Further Comments...
Thank you, Brian, where ever you are! Reading is fundamental, and it is elementary, Dear Watson, that this sort of reading can be eye-opening as well as fun!
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