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I have a hard time with the subject of this biography. I have never liked him and I blame him for a lot of things. The author definitely has a bias in favor of Prince Charles and even more of a bias for his mother. This is okay because she is open about it, it's not hidden.

I don't buy the author's premise (even after reading this book) that Diana was to blame for the majority of the problems in the marriage and Charles and Camilla were just doing what people always did in those positions. According to them and the author, it was Diana who was the trouble-maker and didn't go along with the program.

They never tried to understand her or have compassion for her awful predicament, thanks to the two of them. She wanted out when she found out about Camilla, but Charles convinced her (not totally) that it was just a friendship.

Then the fact that this book (sympathetic to Charles as it is) clearly says that his big reaction to Diana's death was fear that people would blame him. Not sadness for the loss or for what it did to his sons. This confirmed my view that Charles is a very self-centered ass and he deserves Camilla.

Match made wherever, but it's probably a good one there.

The older Charles seems to have mellowed in that he's not continually bugging his 92 year old mother for her place. I have a feeling, if he ever gets to be King, it won't be a picnic for Charles. It's a case of be careful what you wish for, buddy.

Toward the end of the book, there were signs here and there that humanized the 70 plus year old Charles. Maybe he even finally sees what a total ass he was to a 19 year old girl. Doubtful because he has to be nudged to spend time with his own grandkids. Imagine how Diana would have loved those children.

Charles always acted like inbreeding didn't serve him well, so hopefully the younger generation will be fresh and vibrant and will rule well when it's their turn.

I still don't like him much and I want to take the book out to the garage. It was a good book, very informative and it opened my eyes a bit, but I still end up feeling like Charles is a big ass. I won't trade the book in just yet, though and maybe I will keep it safely out of sight in the garage.

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