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This is about the death of Dorothy Kilgallen. She was a well known TV personality and newspaper reporter at the time of her death in 1965. She felt that she knew what was behind the Kennedy assassination. This book is about the circumstances of her death and the possible explanations as to why she was murdered and her murder was covered up by the authorities in the medical examiner's office at that time. The author asserts that there was mob control at work in the murder of the president, as well as Ms. Kilgallen's murder and the subsequent coverup.

This was interesting reading and the author makes a compelling case for murder. There was no reason apparent for suicide and Ms. Kilgallen wasn't careless enough to ingest lethal drugs. Her body was found in odd circumstances that add to the appearance of foul play.

I ended up believing the assertions of the author and hoping that someday Ms. Kilgallen's research will emerge when the time is right. Who knows when that will be, but I am a believer now in the fact that she was killed for what she knew about the Kennedy assassination. That, I do believe and I believe she wasn't the only one who paid a price with her life.
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