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Summary of this Book...
I hold up my hands and admit, I’ve never read any of the Narnia books before. I’m not sure I’ve even seen them on TV. So, as I needed a book set in a fictional land for the 52 in 52 challenge, I thought it would be a good time to read this.

I had to keep two things in mind as I read: 1. This was written over seventy years ago when the rules regarding style were very different to those of today. 2. This was written for children, primarily. I found it hard to hold onto these facts sometimes. I kept thinking, “passive voice,” “author intrusion,” “telling.” All these things would normally turn me off. However, when taken into consideration the intended audience, I could let them slide. Mostly.

The story is told by C.S. Lewis. He is the narrator, and not any of the characters. This meant he was able to tell his young readers information simply, with just the odd aside aimed more at his older readers. I found myself smiling at a few of these. I could imagine children sitting on the floor, cross legged, listening to an adult read the story. I could picture them laughing at all the intended places.

The plot itself is grand and magical. The magical land of Narnia, located at the back of the wardrobe, is a wonderful place with snow (what child doesn’t love snow?) and talking animals. But, of course, there has to be an antagonist, and in this novel it is the evil White Witch who has named herself queen. The main character is Aslan, the lion who is the natural King of everywhere.

It was impossible to not notice the allegorical elements in this book. Aslan, the lion who offers his life to save Edmund, then returns to life shortly afterwards, is clearly meant to represent Jesus. This is something I think would be missed by most children, but most adults will recognise the similarities. It gave the story a nice moral about being good and honest and not taking up with any bad people. It’s a good way to get that across without being preachy.

So, I have to look at this as a children’s novel that was published in 1950. Clearly, in those terms, it is first class. Still, today, it is entertaining. It held my attention, and I read it one sitting. I can’t say fairer than that.
This type of Book is good for...
Children. It is aimed at young readers, and I think they will love the adventure, love the talking lion, and love the all the humour C.S. Lewis injects into it.
I especially liked...
Aslan. The scene where he goes knowingly to his execution and lies helpless as the queen's servants tie him up. The description of him as looking more meek because they shaved his mane is so, so sad.
I didn't like...
Passive voice. Telling, not showing. Author intrusion.
This Book made me feel...
Happy. I'm glad I chose to read it, finally. My two best friends couldn't believe I've never readit before, and one of them has now loaned me the whole Narnia series to read. I'm not sure I want to, though.
The author of this Book...
C.S. Lewis. The only thing I've read by him before is "A Grief Observed." Obviously, the style is very different to this book. I didn't find his voice quite as annoying as I did in the one.
I recommend this Book because...
It's a fun, easy read. It makes you smile.
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