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Summary of this Book...
The twenty-second book in Peter Tremayne's Sister Fidelma mysteries takes place after the event of Shroud for the Archbishop, the second book in the series. According to the author's note, fans of his novels at the Abbey of Bobbio in northern Italy asked him if Sister Fidelma could visit their cloisters. Tremayne decided to slip this novel when Fidelma has left Rome and Brother Eadulf to return to Ireland.

Sister Fidelma's trip home is interrupted when she is stranded in Genua, Italy. While trying to secure passage for the the rest of her journey, she foils an attack on an old religieux. She learns that he is from the Abbey of Bobbio and her former mentor Brother Ruadan is a resident. She cannot pass up on the opportunity to visit her friend, especially since he is near death.

She travels to the abbey and finds Ruadan has been severely beaten. In a seemingly agitated state, he starts blabbering gibberish. Or so Fidelma thinks.

Soon after, Ruadan dies and Fidelma realizes that he was murdered. It starts an adventure for Fidelma, a very dangerous one.

She discovers that the valley where the abbey sits is about to become a battleground between two warring factions. So what does the abbey have to do with that?

She enlists the help of a brother, who is also from Muman.

BEfore long, Fidelma realizes that she has been led on a wild goose chase, deliberately. She manages to put the pieces in time to divert an attack on the abbey.
This type of Book is good for...
Mystery lovers and history buffs with an interest seventh century Italy.
I especially liked...
The break from all the ancient Irish terms.
I didn't like...
Brother Eadulf was not featured in this novel, but at least Fidelma keeps thinking of him.
When I finished reading this Book I wanted to...
Read the next one.
The author of this Book...
Peter Tremayne
I recommend this Book because...
It is a good mystery to which the solution is not obvious.
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