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December 16 1992
About Me
I'm 18, and still in high school, so i'm still learning many new things about myself and the world. I love being with my friends and my family, but often dislike meeting new people only because I'm pretty shy. I have a bubbly personality and absolutely adore potatoes and music!! I love my cats and am absolutely terrified of roller coasters!!!! oh and i'm terrible at spelling, so my apologies...
Type of Writer
I haven't really been writing for too long, but i've always been pretty good at descriptive pieces.
Writing Style
I've been in Honors creative writing since the 7th grade, and still developing so i'm not exactly sure what my style is.
I enjoy long walks in the chilly autumn air, and meaningful talks by a fireplace. Everything that I do and say has a meaning/deeper purpose than what you see at first so don't judge before you explore =))
Favorite Genres
romance, action, mythical, suspense, humor, meaningful, tragedy
Favorite Authors
Jane Austin
Favorite Poets
very strong dislike Edgar Allen Poe, his work puts me into a funky mood..
Favorite Quote
"Expect from others only what you first expect from yourself" -Carolyn Neville, 2005
Favorite Music
hip-hop, pop, techno feel, country, power ballads..
Favorite Movies
Pearl Harbor, Gone with the Wind (1939), Illusionist, Pride and Prejudice, Christmas Shoes, Bourne trilogy, Lord of the Rings,
    Rated: E · Supernatural · #1746315
    A short tale of having to choose the lesser evil, and the repercussions of it.
    Rated: E · Biographical · #1746026
    This is a brief recollection of painful memories that continue to inspire me.
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