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About Me
Someone once sneered at me and called me a wannabe satirist. How nice! I filled with smiles. Until then, my only ambition was to aim for sarcastic twit.
Type of Writer
Poor, but it doesn't stop me.
Writing Style
I have been accused of having little or no style. This is not true; it is just not one that other folk often appreciate.
History, horror and humour
My Blog
Favorite Genres
History, horror and humour
Favorite Books
Discworld series Necroscope series Weaveworld
Favorite Authors
Terry Pratchett Brian Lumley Agatha Christie Clive Barker Sophie Kinsella
Favorite Poets
Roger McGough Philip Larkin Benjamin Zephaniah
Favorite Quote
Nuns! Nuns! Reverse!
Favorite Music
Alternative Indie/Rock Smiths, Cure, Chameleons, MaryChain, HMHB, Panic! 21 Pilots, The Men that will Not be Blamed for Nothing, Prodigy ... and oodles more. I have eclectic tastes because I also like: old-skool Hymns Musicals Comic Opera
Favorite Movies
Jaws! Aliens Ealing Comedies Hammer Horrors
Favorite Shows
Father Ted IT Crowd Star Trek Taboo GoT Miss Marple 8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown +plus all things relating to DIY, cars, sheds, picking and Alaska
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