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About Me
I'm female, I just don't like saying so in a dropbox. Makes me think I'm filling out a form and, while I do enjoy filling out forms (and I do realize that's exactly what the Biography Page is), I don't want to feel like I'm filling out a form for my Biography Page.
I'm forty. My birthday is February 3rd, so if this "About Me" section still says I'm forty after that date in 2020, know that it's a lie.
Really, I think the fact that I used
Type of Writer
the "About Me" section to share information I could have shared from dropboxes tells you plenty "About Me," about what "Type
Writing Style
of Writer" I am, and about my "Writing Style."
These boxes keep telling me I'm out of characters, but I'm
determined to make them work for me. The challenge interests me, *Ha*, as does Mesoamerican civilizations, ghost stories, and teas.
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WYRM  (13+)
A group for those dedicated to writing and reviewing speculative fiction.
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Favorite Genres
I want to shy away from all these "Favorite _______" boxes because for everything I would write I want to say, "But let me
Favorite Books
tell you why!" Context is important, though I do get a kick out of taking things out of context as well, as long as it's all in good fun. Let's just look for each other out there in a forum, in a review, in a notebook post—or any of
Favorite Authors
the plethora of ways we might run into one another on this layered and varied site—and see what comes up.
Favorite Quote
"Nothing goes over my head. My reflexes are too fast. I will catch it." --Drax on Guardians of the Galaxy
A group for those dedicated to writing and reviewing speculative fiction.
Rated: 13+
11 Members
Reviewing, Sci-fi, Fantasy
Type: Group
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About the Read It! orange, as well as why I'm against review disclaimers.
Rated: E
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Reviewing, Other, Other
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Rewards for Awareness of Wonderful Reviews
Rated: E
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Reviewing, Other, Other
Type: Group
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    Rated: E · Drama · #2190326
    There are a couple of non-genre pieces, but most run the gamut of speculative fiction.
    Rated: E · Writing.Com · #2190293
    The MechGrammical articles and the forum, plus contests and images.
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