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December 8 1971
South Africa
About Me
I'm one of thousands of hopeful would be authors. Love writing, the art of it intrigues. The fact that we can take words and create believable realities and the ability to show people what is in (not on) our minds is a precious gift. I enjoy the challenge, the frustrations and the hopes in the process of creating a literary piece. Wouldn't it be great if we could see our work on the shelves of all the major bookshops. This is my dream, my goal for right now. This is what I am about for now.
Type of Writer
Non fiction is my strong point, however I would like to try my hand at fantasy, and apocalyptic writing. Sci-fi, horror...
Writing Style
mostly third person, easy reading fast paced style of writing.
The obvious, writing. Outdoor activities, camping. Archeology, conspiracy theories, philosophy and theology.
Website / Homepage
Favorite Books
Fantasy, Sci-fi, Horror, Medical (like Robin Cook), Apocalyptic like 2012 and sometime general ficiton
Favorite Authors
David Eddings, Robin Cook, Dean r. Coontz
Favorite Quote
Don't get so busy with the business of life that life becomes a business.
Favorite Music
Def Leopard, symphony orchestra, Enya, Roxette, Sex pistols. Basically anything that appeals to me.
Favorite Movies
Star wars, Lord of the rings, Independence day, 2012, Outbreak, Die Hard, Harry Potter, The Librarian. There are many, I really enjoy watching movies.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/benadhon