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October 1948
Southern Cal
About Me
I give the "Talk of the Flight Deck Award (and some very in-depth reviews) because I take great pleasure in supporting and encouraging young and novice writers. The last five winners are displayed below. Pay them a visit; they carry the Blimprider Seal of Approval!
Type of Writer
Hobbyist; six decades of rejection have taken their toll! I've enjoyed the ride; I'm just tired.
Writing Style
Old-fashioned. I always try to hook a reader with content rather than shock, sex, and gore; makes for a tough sell...
Xbox, old movies, and catching up on my sleep.
Website / Homepage
You're on it.
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Group Memberships
Not a group, but horror fans should look into
Voices of Darkness  (18+)
A forum for fans of every sort of horror to meet and share ideas.
Poets might try
American Haiku  (E)
A pre-internet exercise in creativity that all Americans past a certain age will remember.
Favorite Genres
Horror, Fantasy, Steampunk
Favorite Books
The Forgotten Realms series by R.A. Salvatore
Favorite Authors
Salvatore, Bruce Catton, John Norman, Theodore Roscoe, Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells... Just to scratch the surface!
Favorite Poets
Poe, Kipling; not much on poetry. Not smart enough to get the symbolism that so much of it uses to make its points. What can I say; I'm a simple guy!
Favorite Quote
"It's what you learn after you know it all that counts." ~ John Wooden.
Favorite Music
Hot blues and cool jazz.
Favorite Movies
Old ones from before sex, violence, and explosions were substituted for plot and acting ability. Folks nowadays seem to believe that the superior effects available negate the need for nuanced cinematic skills.
Favorite Shows
Looking at my list of faves, it seems to follow the movies. I think the last show I liked first-run was Law & Order. I like some of the newer British stuff, though. They still seem to get it.
Memories provoked by a jar of honey accidentally found in the cupboard
Rated: E
~3,032 Words
Type: Non-fiction
Updated 5 months ago
A 299 word story written for the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge 8/14/19.
Rated: E
~267 Words
Contest Entry, Nature, Melodrama
Type: Short Story
Updated 4 months ago
How to get government benefits.
Rated: 13+
~882 Words
Comedy, Satire, Fantasy
Type: Short Story
Updated 3 months ago
She was, is and, hopefully, always will be close. Prompt/Sample for April 24
Rated: E
~765 Words
Family, Experience, Spiritual
Type: Poetry
Updated 4 years ago
stream of consciousness about turning off your emotions
Rated: 13+
~188 Words
Emotional, Young Adult, Dark
Type: Monologue
Updated about a month ago
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