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May 11 1984
in the vicinity of the Hudson River
About Me
I'm a thirtysomething writer, illustrator, and art materials technician based out of the New York City Metro. I write science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction and am the short fiction co-editor of Speculative Masculinities, forthcoming from Galli Books. I'm also a Submissions Editor at the Hugo-Award-winning Uncanny Magazine. I'm currently posting serial art updates for my novel on my Patreon page.
Type of Writer
Writing Style
somewhere between "grimdark" and "funny-weird, not funny-haha"
knitting :: typography :: comic books :: moldmaking :: prop & costume making :: sculpting :: video games :: illustration and painting
Website / Homepage
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Group Memberships
ugh need to redo this section, but, too many, really. If you write science fiction or fantasy you should try "WYRM!
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
absurdism, fantasy, science fiction, erotica. I like dystopic, futurist settings and campy retro in equal measure.
Favorite Books
Small Gods :: The Last Unicorn :: City of Saints & Madmen :: the Scar :: Cloud Atlas :: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell :: The Stranger :: Transmetropolitan :: Court of the Air :: Dreaming of Babylon :: The Little Prince
Favorite Authors
Jeff VanderMeer :: Richard Brautigan :: Cat Rambo :: Cherie Priest :: William Gibson :: CJ Cherryh :: Neil Gaiman :: Cat Valente :: Lois McMaster Bujold :: Chuck Wendig :: Kurt Vonnegut :: Robert Anton Wilson :: Wendy & Richard Pini
Favorite Quote
When life gives you no time, MAKE TIME TRAVELING LEMONADE. --Chuck Wendig
Better to be slapped with the truth than kissed by a lie. --Russian Proverb
Favorite Music
God is an Astronaut :: Thursday :: Janelle Monae :: VNV Nation :: Depeche Mode :: Gogol Bordello :: Nine Inch Nails :: Trail of Dead :: The Bravery :: Makeup & Vanity Set :: Tom Waits :: Beck :: the Doves :: Smashing Pumpkins :: Cake
Favorite Movies
The Big Lebowski, the original Star Wars trilogy (Han shot first! etc), MAD MAX: FURY ROAD
Favorite Shows
Venture Brothers, Battlestar Galactica, Being Human, Sense8, the new Dark Crystal series *Heart*
Mayhem is afoot!
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