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May 16 1965
About Me
Hi! I trained as a classical violinist but ultimately came to Japan as an English teacher. I still play in a piano trio, teach and write about the violin. I have always loved reading and my goal is to read Japanese fluently. In the past I have written many articles and academic papers and would like to try other genres. Now I am 46 I am considering my goals in life. The disaster in Japan has affected me very much in this regard and I hope the writing will help clarify things further.
Type of Writer
I don`t know yet.
Writing Style
I love humor and irony when talking about things in general. I am quite good at academic writing but don`t wish to do it....
The Japanese language and literature, teaching and writing about the violin, Alexander technique, reading in general, oriental medicine and exercises, diet and nutrition, psychology, language teacher training, Japanese TV dramas and manga.
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Humor and romance.
Favorite Books
Pride and Prejudice, Basics (violin), Harry Potter, Tale of Two Cities, Heisig Kanji, Bleak House, Grapes of Wrath,
Favorite Authors
Jane Austen, Robert B. Parker, Dickens,Souseki, Steinbeck, Howard Zinn, Chomsky,
Favorite Poets
Favorite Quote
Even though it`s only the head of a sardine it can work miracles if you have faith....
Favorite Music
Bach unaccompanied violin sonatas. Mozart violin concertos. Beethoven quartets, symphonies and violin concerto. Haydn quartets, trios and symphonies. Billy Bragg.
Favorite Movies
Dead Poet Society. Goodwill Hunting. Perfect Mind. Pass it forward. Love in new York.
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/buri