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February 15 1975
Ottawa Canada
About Me
Hi WDC. I’m a 43 year old who suffers from depression and anxiety, and I have ADD to boot. I use writing as a release to keep my mind from clouding over. I’ve discovered Buddhism and meditation and find that both these things help to keep me sane. Feel free to read my writing and let me know what you think. See you around.
Type of Writer
I am a poet. I plan on trying my hand at flash fiction but I don’t have the attention span to write more than 1-2000 words.
Writing Style
Mostly traditional. I’m not to comfortable with free verse, but it is growing on me.
Meditating. Reading.
Website / Homepage
This is it
My Blog
This isn’t it.
Favorite Genres
Dark Poetry
Favorite Books
None fiction
Favorite Authors
Currently I’ve just started reading books from the Dalai Lama.
Favorite Poets
Don’t have a particular favourite. I know when I connect with a piece. That’s what I look for.
Favorite Quote
ALWAYS DO SOBER WHAT YOU SAY YOU WILL DO WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK. IT WILL TEACH YOU TO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. - Ernest Hemingway. There are lots of quotes attributed to Buddha I really like too.
Favorite Music
I listen to the words. If the song is good the music behind it doesn’t matter.
Favorite Movies
American History X Boondock Saints Any movie with Denzel Washington where he is avenging someone. (There are 3 or 4 I think)
Favorite Shows
Shameless - US version. (Sue me) Sons of Anarchy Have been watching Documentary series on Netflix lately. No one in particular.
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