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December 25 1975
About Me
I have just finished a short story called Dawn's Eve. I am currently working on a piece outside of writing.com that due to technical difficulties I am unable to share. The book is called The Band. I have no experience with publishing but I am hoping to get a book published one day.
Type of Writer
I am a fiction writer, and I will sometimes write true stories, but rarely.
Writing Style
Most stories I start off with a show-not-tell, but sometimes I say things like, "My name is Miranda and I'm a pirate." :)
I, of course, like writing, but I'm also in school. I like art and I like volleyball. But yes, writing takes up much as my time as well as school.
Website / Homepage
I don't have a website for writing, but I have a elephant preserve website: lovetheelephants.weebly.com
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Realistic fiction, some fantasy, and . . . That's all.
Favorite Books
- Every single Harry Potter book! - The Anne of Green Gables books - Divergent - Etc.
Favorite Authors
I don't exactly "favorite" authors, although I look for certain ones once in a blue moon, but yes, I focus on the book/series mostly.
Favorite Quote
"Natures great masterpiece, an elephant;the only harmless great thing." -- John Donne I love this quote because as elephants die, they are still and will always be harmless unless you provoke them.
Favorite Music
Currently, my two favorite songs are Talking to the Moon by Bruno Mars and Stolen Dance by Milky Chance.
Favorite Movies
Favorite Shows
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