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August 20 1940
11 Kiel Walk Corby Northants. United Kingdom.
About Me
I'm seventy seven years old and I started writing in 2010 after retiring. I suffer from Parkinson's disease and sometimes only write a very short piece of scripts. I like to write short stories and combine them into book form. I self publish where it's free. I do time goes on, but I'm very pleased with the latest published book. Small poetry book. 'Where the Petals Fall.' SINCE FEB 15 I have been promoted to a preferred author and now have 81 recognitions.
Type of Writer
I write Poems AND fiction detective stories. Short stories and self published books.
Writing Style
Rhyme and rhyme poetry Short works. Novelistwdc
Reading, Writing, Friendship club, Travel.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
With my pen and my laptop I'm lost in a world of fantacy.
Group Memberships
Newbie Academy, Dave's place, Angel's Army, Editing group, Give it 100, Level Up,
Favorite Link
Help and support.
Favorite Link
Givei it 100
Favorite Link
Read and review.
Favorite Genres
poetry all, and try to join in on all poetry groups and contests.
Favorite Books
My favourite author is Catherine Cookson and I have 20 of her books on my book shelve. 'The rag nymph,' 'A man who cried.' These two are my choice. I have an old author and the book Adventure's of two Worlds. A J Cronin.
Favorite Authors
Favourite author Catherine Cookson. A J Cronin.
A poem just a moment of inspiration. GRANIES PLANT POT.
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~140 Words
Family, Cultural, Other
Type: Poetry
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A song I have been trying out.' I'm Lonly Now. '
Rated: E
~148 Words
Inspirational, Romance/Love, Emotional
Type: Assignment
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