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June 29
Nashville TN
About Me
I'm CowboySlim, a singer/songwriter from California, now residing in Nashville, TN I also write short stories, and even have one completed musical play. I am old and crotchety, but very well read, and I will give you an honest critique of anything I read. If you want kissy-kissy reviews or a pat on the back, read your stuff to your mom. If, in my opinion, your stuff is good, I will tell you so. But, in my opinion, if it's not up to par, I won't shy away from telling you. Graybee's my cat.
Type of Writer
Songs, poems, short stories, and I have one play.
Writing Style
Whatever suits my fancy. But even a 3 minute song has to tell a story.
Music, poetry, theater. Oh, yeah, women...it's a guy thing.
Website / Homepage
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Group Memberships
Human race. Guys. Singer-songwriters. Poets. Playwrights.
Favorite Link
Favorite Authors
I usually go for songwriters more than authors. I belong to the short attention span generation. Songwriters, good ones, tell their stories in 3-5 minutes, except Arlo and Don McLean. And with songwriters, you can usually skip the poet category.
Favorite Quote
Country Music is three chords and the truth.--Harlan Howard
Favorite Music
I can't help it...I like MY music, the music I make. Face it, if I didn't like it, why would anyone else?
Favorite Movies
Gone With The Wind, Wizard of Oz (1939 version)
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