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September 30 1970
Lincoln, NE
About Me
I realized some time ago that the world will not be waiting for me to come to it so I, along with my wife, made the decision to travel more often. The problem is we keep winding up on the eastern coast of Mexico in the Riviera Maya. Haha! I do enjoy scuba diving and try to get under the water as often as I can while on vacation. There isn't much opportunity in Nebraska although I did get certified here. I love my wife, my two dogs, collecting comic books, reading and relaxing.
Type of Writer
Fantasy, western and sometimes both combined. I know, right!?!
Writing Style
Descriptive and Narrative...was that nerdy enough?
my wife, always and forever / scuba diving / collecting comic books / food...I LOVE experiencing new foods!!! / Weird awesome podcasts / vacationing in Mexico / Traveling and being a part of this big beautiful blue ball of life
Website / Homepage
domain is owned but always under construction, haha!
Group Memberships
Fantasy & Science Fiction Society / Flight of Fancy / October NaNo Prep Challenge Group
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Favorite: Fantasy / Others I enjoy: Thrillers and Mysteries
Favorite Books
No favorite, but these are what currently excite me: Jack Reacher series / Prey series (featuring Lucas Davenport) / Dresden Files (series)
Favorite Authors
These authors I enjoy and/or inspire me (in no particular order): Lee Child / John Sandford / George R.R. Martin / Jim Butcher / David Eddings (rest in peace)
Favorite Poets
Favorite Quote
"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken."
Favorite Music
I'll assume you mean genre: Something from everything. My musical tastes are vast. Rap, symphonic metal, Outlaw Country, new country, pop, electronic, opera...I own music in so many categories. Music is a true universal language. Learn it!
Favorite Movies
The Quiet Man. By definition, you can't have more than one favorite, that's why it is your favorite.
Favorite Shows
Current binge: Kara & Nate (youtube vloggers)
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