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March 15 1979
About Me
Currently I care for people with developmental disabilities. I am also the father of two spectacular boys and the husband of a loving and beautiful wife (if you talk to her be sure to point out what I said here lol). I am a novice writer having only written two short stories but am currently spending the small amount of free time I come across to write a science fiction novel. Writing has always been my dream yet until now I thought it was a distant dream. Well, the gates open; here I come. :)
Type of Writer
I like to dabble in anything of interest. Writing is fun. Why limit myself?
Writing Style
Pen...paper...sometimes a computer...English...I'm not really sure what you're asking me here. :)
I have a blast hanging out with my wife and kids. I also like outdoor activities. I read when I can and write when able.
Favorite Books
There are so many. I will be here all day trying to list them. Though I just finished The Serpent and the Rainbow and found it to be excellent.
Favorite Authors
Jim Butcher, Brent Weeks, Madeline Sheehan, and so many more.
Favorite Quote
Never, Never, Never Give Up! -Winston Churchill
Favorite Music
I like it all.
Favorite Movies
Inception, Hot Fuzz, Sean of the Dead, Dead Poets Society, Time Machine.
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    Rejected RAH letter for WD due to someone already doing one in the past.
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    This is the story of a new writer and his thoughts. Short yet fun.
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/d.alexander