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It's 2011... and I'm still on Planet Earth.
About Me
As a reader, I love Science Fiction and Fantasy. Mainly I fall in love with characters. I've wandered away from writing in the last few years, exploring my other passion, Puzzle Pirates, an online game which seems to absorb the analytical part of my brain. I still plan to write interactive fiction someday (the sort that requires a compiler).
"Bugged By My Own Name [E] (item:1816807)
Type of Writer
Trying to write the SFF that I would love to read but so far failing XD. I prefer to focus on sagas.
Interactive Fiction. Puzzle Pirates. Fixing stuff that breaks around me. Watching Doctor Who and Quantum Leap episodes. Daydreaming.
Favorite Genres
Science Fiction / Fantasy
Favorite Books
Enemy Mine. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series. The Myth Inc. Series. The list is endless.
Favorite Authors
Roger Zelazny. Piers Anthony. Steven Brust.
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    List of Projects I've started
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    Community Notes. Shoppes are organized by themes. eg Welcome, Birthday, ...
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    My 2016 Nano Project
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    A wee niche devoted to Contests at Writing.com and beyond
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    Story about a beloved Dragon.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/deadbluesea