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April 20 1958
British Columbia, Canada
About Me
I grew up roaming the rain forests of BC by horseback, there was always one more old logging road I just had to explore ! I found my love for writing early in life, growing bored with the books I had, I began to write stories for myself and siblings. Over the years that hobby has crystalized into a determination to reach out to even more readers in an effort to brighten thier lives with my tales. Let me know if I'm succeeding !
Type of Writer
I enjoy writing all types of Speculative fiction, with horror and a touch of the paranormal my favorite genres.
Writing Style
I'm still searching for my exact style.
Meeting new people,martial arts, music, siamese and oriental cats, horses, meditation, creating new aroma therapy blends, walking along the beach. people watching.
My Blog
coming soon...
Favorite Genres
Action/ Adventure, Crime-Drama, Horror, Suspense, Paranormal
Favorite Books
Too many to list, I'd be here forever !
Favorite Authors
David Baldacci, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kay Hooper, Lisa Jackson, Karen Rose, Dean Koontz and Stephen King
Favorite Poets
Robert Frost
Favorite Music
Classic Rock and Country
Favorite Movies
Avatar, Lethal Weapon 1, 2 &3, The Sixth Sense, Seabiscuit, Secretariat [ because I watched his REAL RACE !]
An officer questions those things he is required to do during his job. WDC Anthology pick!
Rated: 18+
~122 Words
Detective, Emotional, Drama
Type: Poetry
Updated 10 years ago
Why would these simple things cause so much trouble?
Rated: 13+
~875 Words
Comedy, Relationship, Family
Type: Short Story
Updated 10 years ago
    Rated: 18+ · Crime/Gangster · #1254787
    NOBODY Is All Bad HON.Mention Writing That Makes An Impact Contest
    Rated: E · Other · #1437022
    These are Sigs I use and have been awarded.
    Rated: ASR · Occult · #1244126
    Lost Love and Forever Friendship..- 3rd Place Win- Picky Poetry Contest
    Rated: ASR · Inspirational · #1244132
    honouring all Angels on earth who give to others.
    Rated: ASR · Occult · #1244352
    A poem celebrating the joyful dance of the circle
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