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November 15 1990
Charlotte, NC
About Me
I am a simple man leading a simple life: lived in Charlotte, NC since I was 8, graduated from UNC Wilmington in 2013, and have been working ever since. Writing has always been a hobby of mine, and I have always considered myself creatively-minded. When I'm not working on my next piece, I'm relaxing by reading archives of classic comics and playing video games from each console generation since the 80s.
Type of Writer
Slow and steady wins the race. I think big picture in terms of plotting and fill in the little details afterwards.
Writing Style
I work on the KISS rule: Keep It Simple, Stupid. Don't talk down to the audience, but keep it easy to understand for all.
In my downtime, I enjoy reading Golden and Silver Age comics, watching tokusatsu and pro wrestling, and playing games from throughout the ages. My current picks right now are *Golden Age Robin *Choujin Sentai Jetman *Final Fantasy 7
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Young adult, sci-fi, and fantasy, but I am also open to experimenting in other genres whenever the mood hits.
Favorite Books
*Redwall *The Coming of Conan *The Cthulhu Mythos *The Man of Bronze
Favorite Authors
*Brian Jacques *Bill Finger *Robert Howard *Lester Dent *Stan Lee *Jack Kirby
Favorite Poets
*Shel Silverstein *Edgar Allen Poe *Robert Frost *Leonard Cohen
Favorite Quote
"" -Dusty Rhodes
Favorite Music
Basically anything referenced in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Favorite Movies
*The Warriors *Godzilla (the 1954 original) *The Social Network *Iron Man
Favorite Shows
*Legends of Tomorrow *Power Rangers *Super Sentai
Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/dominimon777