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October 1 1985
Lansing, Michigan, USA
About Me
I'm happily married. I have 3 children, ages 18, 15, and 9, 2 of which live with me and one whom does not. Anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask. I believe I have the Writing.com messenger set that anyone may message me.
Type of Writer
Depends on my mood, and what I'm thinking about.
Writing Style
Depends on my mood.
Video games. Fishing. Reading. Writing.
Favorite Genres
Romance Thriller Drama Classic Literature Poetry Sci Fi Philosophy Quote books and more....
Favorite Books
Ender's Game + Wyrms by Orson Scott Card Tartuffe Voltaire Candide Mind Tryst by Robyn Carr Bride Fire by Elizabeth Chadwick A Quest of Dreams by Debra Dier Lilac Seduction by Leigh Fletcher Fifty Shades + Running list of many more...
Favorite Authors
Cassie Edwards Elizabeth Chadwick Orson Scott Card E. L. James Running list of many more...
Favorite Poets
Ambrose Bierce William Blake Arthur Rimbaud Running list of many more...
Favorite Quote
1 favorite? My blogspot actually has an ever growing log list of them.
Favorite Music
Eclectic, never settled on a specific genrea
Favorite Movies
Meet Joe Black The Patriot Legends of the Fall Shawshank Redemption Running list of many more...
Favorite Shows
Snowpiercer Lost House The Mentalist Running list of many more...
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