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May 25 1975
The middle of nowhere, Washington state
About Me
I have several disabilities. writing is helping me with some of them. I am almost constantly doing something with writing, prepping, looking up character traits. I have been a writer for a long time now, but am only beginning to learn 'how' to write. writing is therapy, as it is for many of you, I am now currently working on a novel I hope to publish one day called, Gorkan's Brother: A Prophecy Rises. I need beta readers for this project, and I am just starting the re-write on my chapters.
Type of Writer
I'm the type of writer right now that seems to write in spurts, not sure if that's normal.
Writing Style
I am a discovery writer, but I'm finding out that I am also an outline writer as well, kinda.
I enjoy Star Trek above all, except my writing right now. I also love collecting Star Trek things and trinkets and such. I also read when I can.
Group Memberships
Rockin Reviewers
Favorite Genres
I will read, Fantasy, Sci-fi, and usually any Adult.
Favorite Books
The Drizzt series. and some Forgotten Realms books, also Star Trek books.
Favorite Authors
R.A. Salvatore, Ann McCaffery, Jenna Moreci, there are more, I just can't think of them right now, lol
Favorite Quote
If you eliminate the possible, whatever remains however improbable must be the truth. -Spock
Favorite Music
My Favorite band is 30 seconds to Mars as well as Amy Lee and Evanescence, otherwise, I like 80's pop and 80's rock. basically the 80's stuff.
Favorite Movies
Anything Star Trek, and comedies mostly, but some action too,
Favorite Shows
Obviously, Star Trek, any of them. Firefly, Andromeda, Farscape, Arrow, Flash, anything Marvel or D.C. related. And now, Star Trek Discovery and probably Picard when it comes out in January.
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