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December 3 1969
Sacramento, California 95811
Type of Writer
I am a fantasy and real life writer.
Writing Style
I write about real life in poetry and article form. When I write fantasy, I write stories.
Harry Potter, Crochet, playing my playstation3(Final Fantasy XIII), spending time with my family, reading, researching, playing pogo online, Doctor Who.
Website / Homepage
dutchessbarbie@yahoo.com & dutchessbarbie@writing.com
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Group Memberships
Showering Acts of Joy Group  (E)
On indefinite hiatus
#1499415 by Pat ~ Rejoice always!
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Favorite Books
Harry Potter, Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys, Twilight Series, Star Wars,
Favorite Authors
J.K.Rowling, Carolina Keene, Lois Duncan, Terry Brooks, Dr.Phil, Joyce Meyers, William Shakespeare, Tolkien, Susan Cooper, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Favorite Poets
Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickerson(?)
Favorite Quote
Do or Do Not; There Is No Try.-Yoda to Luke(Star Wars V)
Favorite Music
Country and 80's Rock
Favorite Movies
Harry Potter Series, Twilight Series, Celtic Thunder(concert), Star Wars Series, Push, Schindler's List, Back to Bataan, Green Berats Sound of Music
This poem is about poetry itself.
Rated: E
~26 Words
Educational, Writing, Cultural
Type: Poetry
Updated 11 years ago
This is a poem dedicated to people that worked at Java City on Capital. Too Bad it Closed.
Rated: 13+
~100 Words
Business, Community, Friendship
Type: Poetry
Updated 3 years ago
This poem is about my daughter when she was under a year old.
Rated: E
~310 Words
Family, Children's, Parenting
Type: Poetry
Updated 11 years ago
Tarik-Ari is an Egyptian Magi. His path in life seems clear but is it?
Rated: ASR
~856 Words
*Dollar* 75 GPs per review
Biographical, Fanfiction, History
Type: Outline
Updated 10 years ago
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