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May 30 1998
About Me
I am a passionate reader and writer who fell in love for English language and literature. I guess the best way to describe myself is to list the things I like: I like to write. I like to watch nature. I feel really good looking at pretty landscapes, feeling wind in my face, laying in grass. I like to cook. I like to have friends. I like to drink ice tea, but I guess thereĀ“s nothing special about it, as well as my likes for mashed potatoes, juice and ice cream.
Type of Writer
I like to write about my personal experiences, news, how-to articles, philosophy... basically anything.
Writing Style
I like to think that my texts are funny, good to read and not too boring.
Pretty much everything.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, Biographies and traveling novels.
Favorite Books
Julio Verne - Vinte mil leguas submarinas Harry Potter series Philosophy books The Hobbit
Favorite Authors
Rowling, Tolkien, Julio Verne.
Favorite Poets
Alphonsos Guimaraes, as in the poem "Ismalia".
Favorite Quote
"Sua alma subiu ao ceu, sua alma desceu ao mar."
Favorite Music
u2, ed sheeran, George Ezra, Ezra vine, The National, Imagine Dragons, One Republic, All Time Low.
Favorite Movies
Mr. Bean, The Pink Panther, Star Wars, Now you see me, and many others which original names I don't know, because I only know their names in Portuguese. Hate national Brazilian movies.
Favorite Shows
I LOVE How I meet your mother, Friends, The big bang theory, I LOVE game of thrones, sons of anarchy and a few episodes of two and a half men.
    Rated: E · Mystery · #2122816
    A mermaid`s chant
    Rated: E · Self Help · #2097095
    The path to real happiness is simpler than it may seem
    Rated: E · Romance/Love · #2097228
    A beautiful feeling that you know but can't reach is like a dark rose full of thorns.
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