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May 22 1973
United States
About Me
Bruce Michael Anderson,46, Engaged to be married Born Fredericksburg Va. A "Naturalist"at heart.Play & make Native American / Japaneses Style Wooden Flutes. Was in U.S. Army a short time. Back Packing Camping Fishing & Kayaking is not a Sport its Way of life. Can't Stand tv sports. My Idea of Shooting ball is a Kentucky Long Rifle target Practice on basket balls filled with Tannerite. Rush Limbaugh is right Jesse Ventura Paul Watson Alex Jones are not Clue less :)
Type of Writer
History, Science, Archaeology , Medical Still can't decide still learning :)
Writing Style
Action & Adventure, Still can't decide :)
Whiskey ,Historical reenactment,flutes, Kayaks,fishing,Camping,Home made Wine Beer, Writing & Reading, , Revolutionary & Civil War WW 1 & 2 Cold War & medical history, Imprimis, jas townsend and son & Path Finder School,Pit Boys,
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
History,Science,Archaeology,Medical, Wood Craft
Favorite Books
Dead sea scrolls,Bible,Dictionary,Black Elk Speaks, The Plains of Passage, Hinds feet on high places, The lakota Way, Screw Tapes letters, Shock Wave,Where White Men Fear To Tread-Future Shock--just to name few
Favorite Authors
Jean Marie Auel,J.R.R.Tolkien,C.S.Lewis,B.F.Skinner,Clive Cussler,Wilson Rawls,Gary Paulsen, Roger D. Isaacs, W. Michael Geara, Tom Clancy , Kristen Maree Cleary, Megan Powell , James Rollins The list Grows with time
Favorite Quote
Creation is a endless sacrifice unto it self learning its truths is the flute maker and the wisdom the branch of the tree it maybe crooked yet it to has a voice molded rightly an you will learn its peace its Wind Song in the pressure you use
Favorite Music
David R. Maracle,Carlos Nakai,Nawang khechog,Ah Nee Mah,Celtic Women,Celine Dion,Josh Groban,John Talbot,Mark Schultz,Yo Yo Ma,Allison Krauss,Enya,John Denvor,Jasmine Thompson, Matthew W Riley "Grace",Metallica ,chelsea moon , Gordon Lightfoot, CCR
Favorite Movies
Phenomenon, Valkyrie, The Seeker.10000 B.C.,Brother Bear,Lord Of The Rings,Narnia,A Beautiful mind,The Knowing,Legend,Instinct,OXV THE MANUAL,Knowing,Edge of Tomorrow, Contact,Raider's of the lost ark, Hanna , Enigma , Imitation Game , idiocracy
Favorite Shows
Don't own a tv . Makes it easier to ignore Obama :) and Sports . I just might find a used one if trump Wins. So That should say how much I care about tv:)
This is an essay of the Autumn rituals that my grandfather instilled in me as a boy.
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