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November 23 1970
Los Angeles, CA
About Me
Published Author. Father of a two great kids (Atom & Finnegan). The love of an amazing wife. "IT Guy" for work for a Major Auto Manufacturer's So Cal Proving Grounds. I love to write, play games (tabletop and RPG), hang out in Ventura, CA as often as possible, oh, one last thing, I have a fondness for Backpacks for some reason.
Type of Writer
Mostly Dark, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Writing Style
I like to tell a story, sometimes they are narratives and others they are from the protagonists POV
Writing (duh!), RPG's (Yes I'm a Geek), Gaming, my sons Atom & Finnegan, Physics, Astronomy, hiking, making music, performing, reading, plus multitudes of other stuff... :)
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
Sci-Fi Writers Guild Hell, Inc. Vigilante Angel Rangers
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Horror, Dark, Sci-fi, Gothic, Fantasy
Favorite Books
Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, Cormyr by Ed Greenwood, Anything by R.A. Salvatore, 2012 by Whitely Streiber, Lightning and The Bad Place by Dean Koontz, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Neuromancer by William Gibson
Favorite Authors
Koontz, Salvatore, Dan Brown, Jules Verne, Cline, Gaiman, Greenwood, Homer, Gibson, Stephenson, Asimov, Niven, Dick... the list is long...
Favorite Poets
Robert Frost
Favorite Quote
"I think you know what I'm talking about, Mr. President; we're going to kill us a mummy." - Bruce Campbell as Elvis Presley (Bubba Ho-Tep)
Favorite Music
I am an old sk00l Punk at heart -- Old Bad Religion, 80's UK Punk (Subhumans, Conflict, Crass), Dead Kennedys, Rancid, Operation Ivy, Mad Caddies, Less than Jake plus I love Shillelagh Law, Flogging Molly & Dropkick Murphys
Favorite Movies
All time favorite movie = Closetland (Alan Rickman & Madeline Stowe) Braveheart, Kick-ass, 2012, The Road, Harry Potter (All), Rogue One, Star Wars "&" Star Trek!! (Whoa, right?)
Favorite Shows
Firefly, John Doe, Legion, Gotham, GoT, Lucifer, True Blood, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Legends, Blindspot, Shut Eye
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