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April 1 1973
Cranston, Rhode Island
About Me
I recently chose to start transcribing the experiences of chosen people. Interviewing and observing my Elders, peers, children, and many other forms of existence. Throughout that process I have been inspired with story ideas. I once was a Construction Manager, From there, I learned how to paint and did so for many years. Later on, I became proficient in the Information Technology World. Then one day, I awoke, with a gift of divine nature, to be shared with all. When the time is right.
Favorite Books
Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend, everybody should own one of these.
Favorite Quote
Knowledge is power. Action is using that power.
Favorite Music
Depends on my mood.
Favorite Movies
Action and Horror
Favorite Shows
Family Guy Psych Star Trek Documentories
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    Writing challenge
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    Where are you?
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    A poem, special to me, you, us.
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    In keeping things tidy, a place for my favorite poem, to invite friends, seemed in order.
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    Support Call. Fundraiser Information included. Support comes in many forms.
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