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March 19 1991
Far'caea, near Eminence
About Me
Hi and welcome to my biography! My name is Sara and two of my favorite things to do are read and write. In my spare time, I love being around animals, yoga, weaving, running, and playing videogames. I've been attempting to write on a professional basis for the last year and a half and have had my non-fiction published by the e-zine 'Everyday Feminism'. I'm also a devout Wiccan and aromantic asexual.
Type of Writer
I love to write fantasy in all of its forms, but have a soft spot for noble-bright stories that involve women.
Writing Style
My writing style is known for being easy to read and understand.
Aside from reading and writing, here's a few of my other interests! Weaving Running Yoga Painting/crafting Gardening
Favorite Genres
Fantasy is a hands-down favorite but I also enjoy sci-fi, mysteries, chick lit, horror, and poetry
Favorite Books
'The Martian Chronicles' by Ray Bradbury 'Ticktock' by Dean Koontz 'Tehanu' by Ursula K. LeGuin The 'Heartstrikers' series by Rachel Aaron The 'Xanth' series by Piers Anthony 'Stories of the Raksura' by Martha Wells ...and so many more!
Favorite Authors
Dean Koontz Jim C. Hines Rachel Aaron Kate Elliott N.K. Jemisin Martha Wells Seanan Macguire Piers Anthony Robert Aspirin Jim Butcher R.A. Salvatore Neil Gaiman Terry Pratchett Tabaa Sahir Jane Yolen John Shirley Lemony Snicket
Favorite Poets
Emily Dickinson Langston Hughes Maya Angelou Robert Frost William Shakespeare
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