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July 1962
West Sussex
About Me
I live in a village in West Sussex with my wife and three children. Despite increasing the rent each year, they continue to reside. Spike Milligan was a big influence in my life, he nearly ran me over. I corresponded with him up until he died. After that, it became a bit difficult. I love satire, humour, madness, unconventional, silly, lunatic. I am a published writer. (The Dorking Review) In the process of writing a crime novel and trying to teach our Great Dane not to urinate up the hallway.
Type of Writer
Would not be able to say.
Writing Style
Can not really put a finger on it. You decide.
Reading, Writing, Antiques, Collectables, History, My Six Snakes, Keeping "Cheeko" the cat out of the fish pond. Feeding the wild birds in our garden. Doing voiceover's. Walking, Talking, and breathing.
My Blog
Satire Depot
Favorite Genres
Anything and everything.
Favorite Books
Where do I start?
Favorite Authors
Spike Milligan. To many more to say.
Favorite Poets
Thomas Merton. Marie Howe. Ira Sadoff.
Favorite Quote
"Doing what you love, means dealing with things you dont" David Shore.
Favorite Music
John Martyn. Jack Eliott. Martin Simpson. June Tabor. Stevie Ray Vaughn. Jose Feliciano. Genesis. ACDC. Rush. Pink Floyd. Jethro Tull.
Favorite Movies
Where do I start?
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