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June 8 1963
Colorado, U.S.A.
About Me
I live out in the country on a small piece of land we affectionately call The Hog 'n' Dogs Ranch. I am passionate about dog rescue, specifically puppy mill survivors. I live with six dogs and a long-suffering husband. I have a thing for the color orange, I am a biker, and I am a recovering Diet Coke addict. I am a breast cancer survivor, five years out from my diagnosis.
Type of Writer
Strictly Amateur Hour. No worries, Mom, I still have my day job.
Writing Style
My recipe: take fundamentals of reality, mix in unreal elements, stir in a dollop of humor. Shake vigorously.
Writing, reading, dogs, photography, gardening, motorcycling. Not necessarily in that order. I also love to find ways to combine my interests, i.e. riding with one of the dogs on the Harley, photographing the flowers in my garden, etc.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
I'm a member of several groups, but such a slacker that I'm not active in any of them currently. *mumbles* should probably do something about that...
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
I write the story in my head and worry about the genre afterward. Since I'm a confirmed pantser, this works for me.
Favorite Books
The only book (actually series of books) that I have read over and over again (and plan to do this in the future as well) is Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The audiobook version is fantastic as well.
Favorite Authors
Douglas Adams, Janet Evanovich, Darynda Jones, J.D.Robb, Lee Childs,Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks
Favorite Quote
Currently, I find myself saying, "Use your resources!" No idea if this a quote or maybe I made it up. My long time favorite is "Off with your head!" from Alice in Wonderland.
Favorite Movies
Favorite Shows
Bob's Burgers, Better Off Ted
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