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September 15
Wisconsin, United States of America
About Me
I've been writing most of my life; Lettered for speaking ability; married at age 17; Read over 600 books before college; honor student in HS and college with grade point about 3.5; Attained a bachelor's level education; loves dancing, singing, and cooking; Christian all my life; the Type of friend everyone wishes they had with the ability to determine courting behaviors by sight; wise beyond my years and saddened by loss with a great empathy for those in pain.
Type of Writer
sermons, essays, Prose, reflections/guide sheets, Poetry, book-length pieces, reviews and news while keeping many journals.
Writing Style
Relational, Spiritual, Emotional,Poetic, Reflective and often research sticky points to make sense of life experience
Social science and relational soul searching; Music and the arts;Social Justice, dignity, and equality;Faith dialog over conversion-driven evangelism; Solo physical activity or dancing.
Website / Homepage
My Blog
www.linkedin.com, www.facebook,com, www.twitter.com, www.poemhunter.com
Favorite Link
email and blogs, arts links, research links, practical spiritual links and tools, posting communities, and holistic health tools
Favorite Link
good therapy, chabad, loner wolf, sounds true, guideposts
Favorite Genres
Nonfiction,studies,self-help, Relationship Guides, poetry,drama,Psychological mystery, Inspirational
Favorite Authors
Les and Leslie Parrott, Oprah Winfrey, Holly Gerth, C.S. Lewis, and Pope Francis
Favorite Poets
elizabeth barrett browning, shakespeare
Favorite Quote
1. Knowledge is power but understanding takes time. 2. The difference between a person who prays and one who pretends to is the state of the heart. 3.The difference between a good man and a bad one is where you would end up if you died tomorrow.
Favorite Music
eccletic in terms of styles, subjective to moods,prefer positive songs, not opposed to church music, and a variety of genres. meditation, sound therapy, nature sounds, and other healing tools
Favorite Movies
Themes of social science concepts, theological or controversial theology, and positive endings as well as music and literature name dropping. Westerns, dramas, science fiction,Musicals, Film Naur, thrillers, Music concerts,and informative.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/gracefullily