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About Me
I've been writing since I could read. It's a hobby and something I hope to one day turn into a profession. Maybe that will happen, maybe it won't, but as long as I have the inspiration, and sometimes even when I have to struggle through it, I'll continue to write.
Type of Writer
Favorite Genres
Horror, Mystery, Friendship, Love
Favorite Books
Too many to name.
Favorite Authors
Lee Child, Stephen King, Harlan Coben, just to name a few
A neighbor becomes more involved then he wants to be.
Rated: 18+
~1,581 Words
*Dollar* 113 GPs per review
Horror/Scary, Dark
Type: Short Story
Updated 12 years ago
The last days of summer for Sammy
Rated: 13+
~964 Words
*Dollar* 75 GPs per review
Contest Entry, Thriller/Suspense
Type: Short Story
Updated 12 years ago
    Rated: E · Other · #2141458
    Wrote this for Writers Cramp, challenge:use the 6 bolded items, I overshot the word count.
    Rated: 13+ · Other · #1601666
    a place to put the pieces i write for contests that dont stand on their own.
    Rated: E · Other · #2115236
    Seven strangers trapped in a hotel during a freak blizzard leads to strange realizations
    Rated: 13+ · Contest Entry · #1534452
    The last days of summer for Sammy
    Rated: 13+ · Other · #1601639
    an author submits a story to win a mystery prize
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