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May 27 1988
Cape Girardeau, MO
About Me
To be honest I'm awkward or let's say I'm unique. I think way to much about anything and everything. I observe more than I speak. I notice and pay attention to every detail no matter where, what, or who it may be. I love to write because I'm not the best at holding a conversation. I'm better with writing my words rather then speaking them, I dont know why? I think it's because I'm extremely shy and hate it but can't help it. My goal in life is to help people who are less fortunate than most.
Type of Writer
Inspirational,Emotional,Humorous,Dark, etc. I haven't discovered what type of writer I am quite yet but eventually I will.
Writing Style
Poetry,Lyrics - I have my own writing style like every writer does, but my grammar and english skills are not up to par yet.
Human behavior, Scrapbooking, Sports, Helping others, Writing, MY SON!, Nature,
Favorite Genres
Nonfiction, poetry, lyrical, emotional
Favorite Books
Go Ask Alice, Twilight Saga, Dear John, The Last Song, White Oliander, Without a Net
Favorite Authors
Stephanie Meyer, Nicholas Sparks, Richard Carlson
Favorite Poets
Don't have a favorite yet.
Favorite Quote
"There is much to love about life and the day ahead, but facing your true self every morning will help you to unburden yourself of the mental weight you carry every day, and make you feel like a freer person."
Favorite Music
R&B, Classic Rock, Country Not Afraid - Eminem Four Non Blondes - What's going on My Wish - Rascal Flatts Queen - We are the Champions A song I can relate to and feel the singers emotion is great music to my ears.
Favorite Movies
American Gangster, The Town, Takers, Simon Birch, Titanic, The Good Son, The Notebook, The Last Song, Flyboys, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, The Boondock Saints
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