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August 10 1957
houston tx
About Me
I a hard working man who found himself in a strange world of homelessness. I tell alot about myself in my writtings. I lack the education of proper grammer and spelling. As I'm told I can write some good stuff. I have received emails from the mayor of houston, President Obama, just to name a few and my writtings have been read on the radio and used to teach a class in Austin. I want to write a book about my experiences to let the public know what is going on.
Type of Writer
new, unskilled
Writing Style
telling the truth
first getting back to work and getting back on my feet. I like to walk through the park and feed the squrrels. ride bikes through the park. play disc golf.visit new places. cook a meal with a lady friend and watch a good movie.
Favorite Genres
scifi, nature, history.
Favorite Books
scifi, bible and related background
Favorite Authors
can't spell his name but did belong to his scifi book club. just to name a few.R.R. token, frank herbert, robert silverburg,
Favorite Poets
jim morrison
Favorite Quote
a joy shared is twice a joy, a grief shared is half a grief
Favorite Music
all types except rap, they left a letter off rap < "C"
Favorite Movies
Ray, man from snowy river, just to many to pick.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/profile/biography/homelessnh