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October 12 1946
Lake of the Woods, VA
About Me
Retired, U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot Retired, Telecom Engineer working mainly in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Peru. I'm a serious animal lover - I've had horses,snakes, rats, hamsters, but now only have two one one (again) dogs. Lily - a Scottish Deer Hound - passed away earlier this year and Oliver - a Golden Retriever (May 2001 - January 15, 2014) are both gone now. Macy - a Westie - has joined the fold. Who knew little dogs were so crazy *Laugh*
Type of Writer
Everything and anything ...
Writing Style
Poetry - Romantic and Patriotic, Short stories - Twisted humor
I'm a wine lover. Yes, that's me helping bottle at Magnolia Vineyards. Virginia has over 250 vineyards and I'm exploring the state one winery at a time *Laugh*.
Group Memberships
Paper Doll Gang, Talent Pond, Dark Dreamscapes, and Rising Stars
Favorite Genres
Favorite Books
Whatever I'm reading (LOL)
Favorite Authors
Love Science Fiction especially the classics by Assimov, Bradbury; Mysteries by Grisham, Horror by Koontz, the list goes on.
Favorite Poets
Traditional - although I'm slowly finding some merit in Vers Libre *Bigsmile*
Favorite Quote
Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art. (Eleanor Roosevelt)
Favorite Music
Anything but Rap and Progressive Jazz.
Favorite Movies
Avatar, Braveheart
Favorite Shows
Suits, Banshee, Game of Thrones
I’ve worn the masks for you. A Rebel Poetry Entry
Rated: 13+
~185 Words
Dark, Romance/Love, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated 6 years ago
Lisa listened to the voice, barely an audible whisper, as she watched the man dying.
Rated: ASR
~712 Words
Sci-fi, Comedy, Other
Type: Short Story
Updated 8 years ago
The tree of liberty is dying ... A Traditional Poetry Entry
Rated: 13+
~298 Words
Political, Community, Other
Type: Poetry
Updated 6 years ago
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