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January 17 1984
southern Maryland, USA
About Me
I was born in New Jersey, but I have no memories of living there, since I was so young. I've been living in Maryland for about 26 years. I've been aware of how much trouble all of humanity's in since January of this year, 2016. I'm an only child of a family of 3. I got the writing gene from my dad. I first started writing when I was 9 years old, but I became really good at writing during my high school senior year.
Type of Writer
I've written a lot of fanfiction in the past, but now I mostly write truthful poetry to get people to think.
Writing Style
My poetry style tends to vary between rhyming and just full-on freestyling. I like writing satire sometimes.
writing, seeking the truth, board games, movies, animation, certain prime time TV shows, music, art, theatre, animals, books
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Check portfolio. I made one there.
Group Memberships
Founder of the "Wise Men and Women" Group.
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
Fantasy/Science fiction, political books, very truthful books
Favorite Books
I have many, but here are some of them; Ender's Game, Wicked, the Animorphs books, the EverWorld books, Supernatural TV Novel: Nevermore, and the Dexter books
Favorite Authors
Some include George Orwell, K.A. Applegate, Beverly K. Eakman, Whitley Strieber, Orson Scott Card, Jeff Lindsay, and Gregory Maguire.
Favorite Poets
I don't think I have a favorite poet yet! Once I do, I'll update this section.
Favorite Quote
This will change every once in a while. "They live. We sleep. The alarm's going off. Beep beep! It's time to wake up, wake up to the deceit. Our whole reality's made up by the elite!" - ODDTV, and his friend rap artist Payday Monsanto
Favorite Music
rock, electronica, instrumental jazz, soundtrack material, rap about the truth (not gangsta rap), show-tunes, various forms of music that speak the truth...
Favorite Movies
Some of them are The 5th Wave, Spaceballs, They Live, Animal Farm (the 1999 version), and Stranger Than Fiction.
Favorite Shows
Combination of old and new shows: Kyle XY, Gotham, Heroes, Supernatural, and Lost
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    Click to read my question(s) to you all, if you'd like to that is.
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    history on the Council of Foreign Relations, bit about Fed. Reserve, about news reporters
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    Where you'll find all my poetry based on various real subjects I've learned about.
    Rated: 13+ · Satire · #2091749
    I have compared the U.S. government to Kira from the Death Note manga/anime, lol.
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