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July 6 1983
Las Vegas, Nevada
About Me
I was never really into books or readng untill I came acrosss this website a long time ago. I eventually lost interst in reading and writing and went back to just playing videogames(which I still do on the side) Now I have rediscovered my joy in writing and reading. I'm going to stick with it this time. I'm a Christian that writes some things on elements of the Bible blended with my own imagination. Otherwise I just wing it with my own creations.
Type of Writer
I'm really into sci-fi and fantasy.
Writing Style
I like action and development more than description. I write with saying as much as a I can with the fewest words.
One thing I've always liked are videogames. I also listen to music on utube. I like techno trance, 80s, and classic contemporary Christian.
Favorite Books
chrinicles of Narnia, and Arthuran sagas by Styephen R. Lawhead.
Favorite Authors
C.S. Lewis,
Favorite Movies
Space Balls, Matrix,
    Rated: ASR · Supernatural · #2321960
    A boy pleads for divine help in a dying kingdom that is close to desolation.
    Rated: E · Other · #1775023
    Most of these are for the group I'm in the Fantasy and Science Fiction Society. .
    Rated: ASR · Supernatural · #2321167
    Three people go on a trip with mysterious man to return a magnificent object to its home.
    Rated: ASR · Fantasy · #2320257
    Three archeologists discover an unearthly city and will encounter something astounding.
    Rated: 13+ · Other · #1986318
    All my Writer's Cramp entries.
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