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December 31 1980
Copenhagen, Denmark
About Me
I'm 36 years old (at the time of writing), a husband, and a father of two. I have been a fantasy and scifi fan for at least 20 years, and have written short stories and blurps for at least 15 of them. Now, I am trying my hand at actually letting people read them.
Type of Writer
A casual writer. I also switch genres often. This means that the addition of new stories/chapters may be erratic.
Writing Style
I see the places, people and events in my stories before my mind's eye. That means that I tend to write it "as I see it".
Roleplaying, reading, making custom worlds (yep), heavy metal - and my daughters.
Favorite Genres
Fantasy, sci-fi
Favorite Books
"Lure of the Basilisk" by Lawrence Watt-Evans, "Shadow Magic" by Patricia C.Wrede, "Rangers Apprentice" series and "Brother Band" series, both by John Flanagan, "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien
Favorite Authors
Lawrence Watt-Evans, Patricia C.Wrede, John Flanagan, J.R.R. Tolkien
Favorite Quote
"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe." — Albert Einstein & "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win." - Sun Tzu
Favorite Music
Most songs from: Manowar, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath + a slew of other songs across various genres (happens when you get old, I guess)
Favorite Movies
The Hunt for Red October, The Lord of the Rings (all three)
Favorite Shows
Farscape, Babylon 5, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Game of Thrones (love to hate and hate to love, this one), Midsomer Murders
    Rated: 13+ · Fantasy · #2128373
    In a land where non-humans are but legend, ties of blood are about to change everything...
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