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March 17 2001
Zanesville, Indiana
About Me
My life has been mostly spent in a small town, which is what inspires a lot of my stories. It's also the reason most of them take place in small towns. I absolutely adore foxes. There sooo coot. Yes I said coot. My favorite show is The X-Files. Man The X-Files is DA BOMB. It also inspired many of ideas for my main book I'm currently writing, Foxvalley. Even though most of Foxvalley was orginionally inspired by Strangers Things, now it's a lot like Twin Peaks for some reason.
Type of Writer
I write mostly fiction, likely to be horror or mystery. Most of the time I enjoy writing supernatural mysteries.
Writing Style
All my writing have high amout of detail, sometimes making the story longer than expected. Most may also contain suspense.
I have a high interest in animals. A lot of my stories may include them. I enjoy mysteries that actually turn out be be something completely unexpected. (Twin Peaks, I'm looking at you) I love the supernatural twist, they're always very interesting.
Favorite Genres
Fiction, sci-fi, mystery, horror, nonfiction travel, supernatural, thriller
Favorite Books
A walk in the woods (novel), From a Buick 8, The Warriors series, Monument 14, The Mist (Novella), IT (Novel), 1984 (novel), Jurassic Park (novel), etc.
Favorite Authors
Stephen King, Bill Bryson, The Erin Hunters, R.L. Stine, Michael Crichton, and many others
Favorite Poets
Edger Allen Poe (really the only poet I enjoy, I’m not much for poetry)
Favorite Music
Lord Huron with his awesome nature-like symphonies.
Favorite Movies
A Walk in the Woods, NL Vacation, RV Mostly comedic travel movies I also like Jurassic Park/World, Men in Black, and Back to the Future 1,2, and 3. (It's an oldie but a goodie),
Favorite Shows
The X files, Supernatual, Criminal Minds, Stranger Things(please let there be a new season), gravity falls(so sad it ended), Twin peaks(didn't end right at all), Haven, Under the Dome, Wayward Pines(season one only)
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