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November 2 1984
Winnipeg, MB. CANADA
About Me
I'm an American who has recently fallen in love with a wonderful Canadian lady and immigrated to her homeland. We are now married, and I'm here to write,read, and do my best not to freeze to death. I don't know just what it's all about. But put on your red pajamas and find out...
Type of Writer
Fiction: I can't help but gravitate towards horror and Sci-fi but I also feel comfortable with Crime.
Writing Style
My goal is to make you forget that you're reading. I'm not there yet.
I like to draw. I worked as an airbrush artist for nearly 10 years. I wouldn't say I am passionate about art, but I do find it deeply fulfilling, if that makes sense. I play guitar (I'm okay,) and piano (I suck) also. Of course, I write...
Favorite Genres
Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy.
Favorite Books
1984. Of Mice and Men. The Picture of Dorian Gray. Dying of the Light (GRRM.) Most of Stephen King.
Favorite Authors
George RR Martin. George Orwell. Christopher Hitchens. Stephen King.
Favorite Poets
I'm not much for poetry, although I should really find something to get into. However I do like the Oscar Wilde and Edgar Allen Poe, for their fiction. Wilde's fairy tales are amazing.
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